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Who are we?

We are a group of local residents who came together in 2019 to form an intergenerational group trying to imagine and shape Manchester's first cohousing community. We develop the project through meetings and workshops either virtual or in-person wherever we can. And we make great friends along the way!

We are currently excited to be looking into two very different sites in South Manchester and hope to provide more news soon. 

We are always seeking new members - from all walks of life and with any type of skills. Just to to our Get Involved page and we are always happy to talk! 


MICO's aim is to create the first net carbon zero cohousing community in Manchester. At the heart of what we do will be sustainability and living ecologically sensitive lifestyles. We hope to be a catalyst and inspiration for other housing developments to be more sustainable and community-led.


We also aim to help GMCA realise its ambitions of building Net Zero Carbon homes by 2028.

Our community will be based on the cohousing principles of inclusion, support and consensus, including contributing to and sharing responsibility for the development of the project. 

We aim to create a safe, sociable, and neighbourly community a diverse range of residents participate in sustaining constructive and harmonious relationships with everyone involved both in the project and the wider community.

You can learn more about what we are trying to achieve by reading our latest Cohousing Briefing Note below...

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