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Our Purpose, Vision and Values

We developed our Purpose, Vision and Values (PVV) by bringing together the wider membership for a workshop. The Purpose, Vision and Values guide everything we do and form the basis for our decision making. 

Our Purpose

To create sustainable homes and inclusive communities.


Our Vision

To build cohousing as a model way of low impact living designed for diverse, mutually

supportive communities.


MICO describes the above  terms as follows:

  • ‘Low impact’ refers for example to low carbon design and building, energy supply, transport, nurturing bio-diversity and connection with nature.

  • ‘Diverse communities’ means homes with different tenures, affordability and accessibility which are welcoming, inclusive and safe for all.

  • ‘Mutually supportive’ means a self-managing community, sharing resources and responsibilities and living as an integrated part of a wider community.


Our Values


Minimising our environmental impact by showing respect and care for our resources and locality and for the planet as a whole, for example through low-carbon design and building, using renewable energy sources and supporting each other to live sustainable lives.


Actively enabling full participation for all through our commitment to learning about, and continually improving, the diversity and accessibility of our communities, and being open to all irrespective of age, disability, gender, sex or sexual orientation/preference, gender reassignment, marital status or civil partnership, ethnicity, race, religion or belief, background, income level or tenure type. 


Being mutually supportive by adopting habits of social interaction, cooperation and

integrity. Our intentional communities will be designed to be safe, sociable and neighbourly.


Our communications, conduct, behaviour and actions will reflect an ethos that is honest, open, non-judgemental, appreciative of different perspectives, compassionate and caring. These behaviours will enable full participation by all in self-management and the sharing of resources and responsibilities.


Contributing positively to the wider community, for example by using our resources

ethically, supporting projects, community groups and businesses in the area, being aware of and active around local issues and being good and responsible neighbours.

Adopted by MICO in October 2021. 

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