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Meet the Members - Dan

Today we ask Dan, one of our members, to answer a few questions so that we can learn a bit more about him and why he's attracted to cohousing.

Hi I am Dan, and this is Sara and Huxley, my brothers Labrador. I am an Architect, live in Stockport and have been part of MICO for a number of years.

What does CoHousing mean to you?

Cohousing means community to me, it means a shared responsibility and collective ownership of the space and area we live in. It’s a place of recognisable faces, friends and a level of shared experience

Favourite thing about cohousing?

My favourite thing will be having someone who actually knows how to grow veg and plants watching over, advising and correcting my poor allotment growing decisions. Also I really want my future kid/s to grow up in a free and safe environment where they know, learn and interact with there neighbours.

Future – Hopes and Dreams

To live in an exciting, passive house community with chickens, veg patch and some great shared communities, especially, BBQ area, games room and TOOL SHED Workshop.

Where’s your Manchester based fortress of solitude

Incidentally my favourite spot in the city is Longford park, it holds special meaning for me but its also a nice size and is a cracking place to soak the sun up in the summer.


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