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How we make decisions

Distributing decision making across our whole membership

The philosophy for our decision-making at MICO is: 'Good enough for now, safe enough to try'. This removes tension created by pressure to find the perfect solutions, promotes innovation and allows responsiveness to
changing conditions.

We distribute all the work it takes to plan and build a cohousing development across a number of 'Working Groups' (as shown in the diagram below) but  meet regularly as a full Membership  - particularly when we need to make important decisions that affect all members. 

MICO Governance Diagram

To make decisions, MICO uses a combination of 'consensus' and 'consent' methods for non-hierarchical decision making, depending on what decision is being made. Traditional majority voting processes can leave some people feeling unheard, frustrated and overruled.


In contrast, consensus is a way of making decisions that helps ensure everyone’s voice is heard and valued and that everyone can support the decision. The eventual decisions tend to have more buy-in from everyone involved. 


Consent is a form of consensus, but the focus is on 'no-one objecting' rather than 'everyone agreeing' so there is scope for decisions to be made more quickly and action to happen.

You can find out more about these more consensual ways of making decisions at Seeds For Change

You can find our full documentation on how we make decisions here.

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